1.How do I find you?
Find out how to get here on our Find Us page.

2.When do you open?
Our opening hours are listed here.

3.What types of payment do you accept?
We accept cash, cheque/money order, EFTPOS, Visa, Mastercard, Bankcard, American Express, Diners, and direct deposit (for internet orders).

4.Can I return a book if I don't want it?
Yes if the book is undamaged and you bring it back within seven days from the date of purchase, (Remember: bring your receipt to prove the date of purchase). We do not however give cash refunds, you will be given credit for the value of the returned book to put toward future purchases from us. Please note that we will not accept a book after the final exam of the subject for which it has been set.

5.When and where do your free buses run?
During the beginning of semester we will be running free buses from the University of Queensland . The buses pick up students near the small round-about just up from the citybus stop on Hawken drive, just look for our sign.

6.If you don't have a book or it is out of stock can I order it in?
Yes. Books that we either don't normally stock or are currently out of stock can be ordered in provided you leave a small deposit, (this is usually $10 but in the case of titles which cannot be reurned to the publisher we will require 50% of the textbook's price as a deposit). If your text is one we don't normally stock please provide as much detail about the book as possible, e.g. ISBN, Title, Authors name, Publisher or Australian supplier, and we will do our best to order it in. In some cases it is impossible to acquire a book, in those cases we will inform you as quickly as possible and refund your deposit.

7.How long will it take for a book I had on order to arrive?
We advise around 5-10 working days, however please be aware that this may vary, as we are dependent on suppliers for the books. In some cases, for example the beginning of University semsters, the suppliers develop a backlog of work which can result in shipments being delayed. As always we will endeavour to ensure that customers are aware of any posssible delays in their orders.

8.If a book is out of print can I still order it?
No, an "out of print book" is no longer available new, and we cannot accept orders for it. Your only recourse for these texts is to try to find them secondhand.

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